5 Ways to Plan Your Wedding Without Getting Overwhelmed

Jul 29, 2020

Let’s be honest, planning a wedding in 2020 is stressful as HECK. That’s why I’m putting together 5 ways to plan your wedding without getting overwhelmed.

Venues closing, guest counts changing constantly, the rules for social distancing and beyond are different by the hour. All you 2020 couples out there KNOW just how crazy it’s been.

That’s why I’m here! As a photographer, a married woman, and one of your wedding vendors, I’ve experienced first hand just how tough planning weddings can be. ALL of my couples have have gone through tough decisions and heartbreak as their weddings seem to fly just out the reach of control.

Here are the top 5 ways to plan your wedding without getting overwhelmed in 2020 (and beyond!)

1.) BE KIND.

We are ALL going through a lot right now. I know it is your wedding, but this hasn’t been easy on vendors, brides, grooms, or guests alike. My best tip through this whole process is to be as kind and accommodating as you can even when crap hits the fan. You draw more flies with honey than vinegar… or something along those lines. 😉 The same principle applies. Just be nice.

2.) Ask Your Vendors For Help

Most of us vendors have years of experience in dealing with weddings. Whether you’re having problems with a venue, DJ, catering, photographer, or anyone else, your vendors should be trying their best to offer recommendations to you. While we do have rules that we have to apply to during the COVID season, if your vendor for some reason is refusing to help in any way shape or form, the very least they should do is offer recommendations for another vendor that can help. It may mean changing your venue to a different county / city with different restrictions or even asking another vendor for help with DJ searches, florist recommendations, etc.

Your vendors should have connections with other vendors. You’re paying for their service and most likely have put down a non-refundable deposit or retainer. (side note: those deposits may be the only income your vendor has received for months due to reschedules, etc. Keep this in mind when / if you have to reschedule or cancel.) Use their knowledge and their connections to the best of your ability.

3.) Talk To Other Brides

A lot of you are all in the same boat. Chat with another 2020 / 2021 bride and get their input on what’s going on in their area and what they have done to tweak their wedding. Some ideas may not be able to be applied to you, but you will feel better having someone to talk to about your related problems!

4.) Take Things ONE Step At A Time

Your wedding day is going to be gorgeous no matter what. I PROMISE.

That being said, take things one at a time. There are so many details to consider in wedding planning and it can easily pile up and feel super overwhelming. Start early (start now, even if your wedding is months / years away!). Book vendors that are kind, understanding, and helpful as SOON as you can. Due to the nature of COVID restrictions, a lot of vendors are booking up faster than normal because people are rescheduling to later in the year or the next year.

Smaller details such as decorations, food, favors, and music choices should be lined out before 5 months of the wedding. So don’t freak out about those right away, worry about the big stuff first. And again, take it one thing at a time. Write a list of what you need to do that week, that month, and every month after that. Getting that brain dump out helps you organize and tackle the most important things first. Better yet, download an app like The Knot and utilize their timeline and checklist. You can put in your wedding date, and they will provide a customized checklist of when everything should be done by. Rely on these things! Don’t drown in the to-do list.

5.) Go Micro

If all else fails and nothing seems to be lining up, go micro!! Size down your wedding and use family property, connections with friends, or find a smaller venue that is more flexible. Micro weddings are becoming very popular this year, as you can safely invite those closest to you and enjoy your day without the stress of a big wedding day. Not to say that if your hearts desire is a big party the day of that you shouldn’t do that, but you will have more issues lining that up than a micro wedding.

Another idea is to have a micro wedding or elopement and DO THE DANG THING!! and party with everyone afterwards when it is safer. I recently worked a wedding that was a “re-do I do”, where the bride and groom had gotten married months before and redid their ceremony and reception so everyone could enjoy it later on when it was more doable. This resulted in less stress, less nerves, and a more enjoyable time for both them and their guests. While it stinks to not be there for the original event, everyone was overjoyed to celebrate with them and it was still beautiful.

Last but not least: just ask for help. Reach out to friends and family to (at the very least) get the stress of your chest. I know my family was crucial in helping to set up my wedding and I couldn’t have done it without them (even without COVID messing everything up!). If you don’t have family close, again, reach out to your vendors. They can help. There is always someone who can help, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

I know your wedding is important to you and it is still going to be the best day ever. It may not look exactly like you planned, but being flexible and kind during this season is the best way to get through it. You will survive and you will come out the other side married as heck and thankful that you got to be with your best friend through the whole thing.

If these 5 ways to plan your wedding without getting overwhelmed helped, leave a comment down below. If you want more tips like this, explore my blog at www.lilynotz.co/blog.

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