Brianna and Scott: Micro Wedding with Elopement Ideas

Aug 21, 2020

Brianna and Scott were affected by COVID like 99% of the wedding community.

But they didn’t let it get them down. In fact, it worked in their favor.

Originally planning a courthouse wedding way before Illinois headcounts came down, they wanted a small wedding to begin with. However they threw their original plans to the wind. Bri and Scott fully embraced the micro ceremony and loved it even more than planned. If you were on the fence about micro weddings before, let this blog be the reason you change your mind! Elopement ideas are spreading far and wide and this is my favorite so far.

Planted on their family property in the heart of Illinois, they hung out with a few friends and family members and prepared for their wedding. Simple and elegant decor, riding side by sides to visit ponds, barns, and their grandpas 100 year old home and generally enjoying themselves in their special moment.

They walked down the aisle together and had the sweetest ceremony lakeside at sunset. This pond was located right by his grandpas 100 year old farm home, which is the coolest location I could think of.

If you are struggling with elopement ideas, take some inspiration from Bri and Scott.



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