Jake and Sarah: Post Wedding Case Study

Sep 1, 2021

After the rush of wedding planning, the jam packed wedding day, and all the craziness I wanted to know: is there anything you would change about your wedding? I’ve asked a few of my couples some questions about their weddings. Most of us if we do things right will only get married once, so I wanted to get a small breakdown of the “after the wedding” advice that they would give to others!

Jake and Sarah got married June 5th, 2021. They had a lovely church ceremony followed by a big party back at family property. The weather was gorgeous the entire day and all of their friends and family were so kind and supportive. We got the most amazing photos and I loved hanging out with them at the reception while watching the party go down!!

Jake and Sarah!
  • What was your favorite part about your wedding? Jake says: “My Wife” and “Marrying you, that’s the only thing I care about” :). Cuteness aside, I honestly enjoyed the entire day, but if I have to choose a favorite part it would be standing back to watch as my friends and family had a great time at the ‘party’ I planned.

  • IF you had to redo it, what is the main thing you’d change? (if it’s nothing at all, that’s totally fine!) Jake says: “Drink less”… he did get very intoxicated and hugged the toilet all night… If I had to change something it would have been going with a different tent/tables/chair vendor. Our experience with Amerevent was horrible and I would never recommend.

  • What was something you wish you had done, but didn’t? I wish I would have written or at least thought of a proper formal welcome to our guests before we ate dinner. I basically said “Well, there’s a lot of alcohol so drink up” .. I regret not being a little more extensive and “welcoming”.

  • How did you feel when you first saw your wedding photos? OVERJOYED. We absolutely love looking through our photos and I have them displayed in an album and frames in our home, so I look at them ALL the time.

  • What was the most important thing that I took photos of on your wedding day? Honestly, everything.. I appreciate being able to look back and see all of our decor details, my getting ready process, people dancing, and definitely the major parts of the day. I would say most important would be our group photos of all our guests!

  • What has been the thing you love most about marriage so far? We love being able to call each other husband and wife! It has been a big change, but a positive one!


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