Maddie + Tommy: Third Degree Glass Factory Wedding Film

Jan 3, 2022

Maddie and Tommy’s November wedding day at Forest Park + Third Degree Glass Factory was one of the most beautiful fall days that I can remember! Between the sweetest couple, the kindest family, and the perfect fall weather, I had a blast filming this wedding!

The Art of Filming

Film is so completely different than photography, but yet uses the same principles of story telling. Finding the correct way of framing, lighting, and composing a film has been the greatest challenge I’ve faced so far and it’s put me back in beginner mode in a lot of ways. Through a lot of trial and error, I’m proud to announce that video is now one of my favorite aspects of media.

By using audio and visuals that connects with your story (and warms your heart along the way) video allows your senses to fully experience the emotions of your wedding. Unlike photography, video requires a new perspective and the ability to sit back and allow things to unfold. There’s less angles that need considered and more concentration on the way I interpret what’s happening. Photography is natural – like the back of my hand. It’s given me confidence, and video took that away for a short time. Now that I’ve had time to play and learn it’s so much fun! I’ll be diving headfirst into film in 2022 and I can’t wait!!

What’s the difference?

Because of the difference in film versus photography, here are some of the questions I’ve had to consider are: Do I make it slow motion and dramatic? Do I sneak in intimate bits of handheld motion and blur to give a personal feel? How do the prompts that I do give allow my clients to move in a way that’s natural and beautiful? What filler do I need to create a film that’s not only a representation of the day itself, but fits with the feel of the elements the couple has chosen and will flow with the audio?

With Maddie and Tommy, they allowed me to come just as I am and trusted me to capture their day. I couldn’t be more excited for these two as they venture out into the world as a married couple, and I know they will do amazing things. I am in love with the way their film came together to document all the special moments of their day!

Please enjoy this film and feel free to explore my page to view more weddings!

Maddie + Tommy Fink | St. Louis Wedding Film at Forest Park and Third Degree Glass Factory


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