Kevin + Alexandra | Winter Wedding at Knotting Hills in Pevely, MO

Jan 8, 2022

Kevin and Alexandra tied the knot on the most perfect December day at the Knotting Hills Venue in Pevely, Missouri.

Being a huge fan of their venue and the wonderful people that they are, I awaited this day the entire 2021 season. It did NOT disappoint!

The Details

The day started with the most perfect details. Alexandra choses the perfect combination of winter colors and florals (done by the amazing Blissful Blooms by Becky). Their venue was decked out in Christmas trees, poinsettias, and evergreen florals that elevated the scene and transformed it into a true Hallmark movie.

Alexandra’s gorgeous ball gown was complimented beautifully by varying shades of pink + red bridesmaids dresses in different textures such as velvet and chiffon. The groomsmen and Kevin stunted sharp black suits, lending another nod to the elegance that Alexandra clearly represents in every area.

Choosing to have an outdoor ceremony might have seemed like a risk late in the year, but it was the best outdoor ceremony I’ve ever seen at Knotting Hills! The gentle sunset falling at the exact time of their ceremony created an intimate atmosphere, reflecting the love of the people who came to celebrate them.

As Alex came down the aisle specific people handed her roses to add to her bouquet. This is a unique touch that brings the attendees into the ceremony and honors their relationship with the bride as she makes her way to Kevin.

Watching Kevin with Alexandra was a true treat. You can see the deep devotion they have for each other in every image. Their tear-filled first look only displays that devotion further! Kevin’s reaction to seeing his bride is one of the sweetest moments of their entire gallery.

What was important?

When discussing what was really important to capture on their day, both Kevin and Alex told me the love between them and their family + friends was the highest priority. With the way they carefully included many people into their day + their ceremony, it was hard not to notice the pride and joy in their loved ones faces. You’ll notice certain images with Alex’s grandmother that might bring a tear or two to your eyes as well! In the end, Alex and Kevin were so pleased with the way that their story was told. Take a look at this reaction text that Alex sent me shortly after their gallery was delivered!

“Lily….. girl….. I am literally OBSESSED with these photos and intermittently laughing, crying, and smiling at every single photo. I’ve probably been going through them for at least an hour. I cannot thank you enough for capturing everything that was so important to me. It was so important that my wedding encompassed the love from all our friends and family and you managed to capture that in photos. I’m forever grateful for all of them. Thank you so so so much. <3”

A few stats… because sometimes numbers are fun!

I pride myself in reading emotions as they are unfolding which can take a special amount of dedication behind the camera + my surroundings. What this normally means is I’m leaking tears hiding behind my camera – and it happened a LOT during their day. Being able to react quickly and staying glued to my viewfinder is a huge advantage in emotional wedding days like theirs. With only 5 hours of coverage (meaning total from start to finish myself and my second were only there for 5 hours), we captured well over 4000 images which resulted in a gallery of almost 1000 images. If you’re a photographer, you know just how crazy that number is for a 5 hour wedding! In the end, I’ll never withhold images if they deserve to be seen. When I say a minimum number of images in return, know that probably means you’ll end up with extras!

Without further ado…

Please enjoy this slideshow of Kevin and Alexandra’s wedding day. As you enjoy, feel free to share this blog on your social media and inspire all the couples on your timeline with this lovely wedding at Knotting Hills Venue! To see more work, visit this page to view my last wedding video!



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