What Colors Should You Wear for your Engagement Session Photos?

May 5, 2022

The all important question when it comes to engagement photos: what should we wear?

Fashionista or not, everyone can struggle with knowing what to wear. Things that normally look good to you start to feel wrong when you look in the mirror, you’re shopping but you’re overwhelmed by the options – believe me, we’ve all been there!!

Here’s a whole lot of good tips for dressing up for that upcoming photoshoot and a lil’ bit of science on why these are so important!

1.) Comfort

We all hate to be uncomfortable. To wear something that isn’t us, doesn’t fit right, or makes us feel unconfident can ruin an experience! Now sometimes stepping outside of your comfort zone can be good, it never hurts to spice it up a little 馃槈 but for the most part, stick to things that resonate with you, flatter you, and that you feel like you can walk and sit easily in. We probably won’t be running and jumping at your session, and if we do I promise it will be discreet!

2.) Styling

There are some ground rules when it comes to things that photograph well. We’ll get into colors soon, but here’s some other things to either add on, or stray away from! As a general standard, try not to have more than one print in the image. If one of you has polka dots or florals, the other should dress in more simple clothing to avoid clashing. For guys, if not a full suit I recommend sharp pants (dress pants for one set + jeans for a casual look), a well fitting shirt (preferrably a button up), and then a sweater or t-shirt for the casual look. For ladies, stray away from super puffy sweaters, but do go for elegant v-necks with dainty jewelry details! With a more formal set, dresses always photograph so flatteringly. They provide movement and elevate the entire image, plus who doesn’t love a good dress + heels moment?!


This is a big one, and could make or break the outcome of your shoot. While *most* colors photograph okay, there are some that are extremely flattering to all skin tones and are the preferred colors that photographers like to work with! However, due to the wonderful variety of skin tones we all have, certain rules apply differently and final decisions on clothing can be coordinated with me in order to pick what REALLY fits you!

Run away from: neons, mismatching bright clothes, loud patterns, bright purples or greens

Okay colors: brighter yellows + oranges, reds, light greens (best in the fall when they match the surroundings)

Better colors: pastels (light yellow, light blue, light pink, light purple), deep greens and navy blues

Best: neutrals! white, creams, tans, browns, blacks, earthy colors always reflect crisp and clean back onto skin tones. I’ll show you a little example of what I mean below!

In this example, there are two very different outfits with two very different locations. But the same exact couple taken on the same exact night, with the same camera and same editing! This is what I mean when I say that colors drastically affect the outcome of your photos. The neutral rocky background along with their earthy clothing choices blended perfectly with their skin tones to provide a very warm and outdoorsy look. Again, keep in mind that both of these (besides minor exposure changes and area specific touch ups) have been edited with the same preset, same tweaks, same adjustments. However, since there was such a drastic background change between the two, it feels like two different shoots completely!

The second image is wonderfully romantic, but I’ve edited to keep their skin tones the same and have carefully chosen the color of green for the grass to compliment their skin tones as well. The orange of her dress was also a part of this process, as it reflected back into their faces and I accounted for that by area specific edits to correct them. This process can be a little time consuming, but it’s so worth it so that your gallery will keep you and your partner in consideration first!

Each session is going to have a slightly different result. While I’ve learned how to read new locations, gotten a solid editing flow, understand lighting, and explored how to pose people comfortably through dozens of shoots, many things can change. From 11am sun to 8pm sunset, the colors in the sunlight and the grass are completely different! But here’s the good news 馃槈 You can rest assured that no matter what, you will still look like you. No wacky tints, no sudden dramatic changes in colors, no contortionist posing. Promise!!!

My goal is to help you construct the absolute BEST engagement photos ever! Outfits play a huge part in the result of your session. My hope is through these tips you’re less overwhelmed about what to wear to your engagement session, and you’ll be walking into your next shopping spree with confidence!

See you SO SOON!!!





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