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AJ Coordinates: STL Wedding Coordinator Branding Photoshoot

Oct 13, 2022

AJ Coordinates’ fresh, colorful branding session shows off unique colors, textures, and design elements. With orange and yellow hues, fashionable outfits, and luxury wedding design, there’s so much to explore in this branding session!

The Goal

Ashley’s goal with this shoot was to curate content for her website and introduce her new assistant to her clients. She reached out to me and together we planned a branding shoot that reflected what she wanted. Her brand’s colors were bold, and there’s nothing I love more than bold colors! Not only that, but she incorporated those same colors into her tablescape displays which brought the scene to life.

The Tables

The design of a tablescape sets the mood for the entire event. You know immediately walking into a wedding reception the attention to detail via the decor, the memory table, and the head table as well. A crucial element to a wedding, I highly recommend hiring a coordinator or designer to handle your tablescape. (Fun fact: coordination and design are not the same and not mutually exclusive. Get someone who knows both, or hire individuals who specialize in those areas. If your coordinator offers design, snatch it up!)

With two gorgeous tablescapes filled to the brim with warm colors that bridge summer and fall, Ashley brought elevated ideas with modern colors. The perfect mixture of textures, complimenting colors, and stunning florals created a magial atmosphere that I would have been THRILLED to find at a wedding!!

When planning her session, I took the time to understand where Ashley wants to take her business. She wants to grow her team and attract fresh, modern couples looking to get married that value design elements alongside of a fun, pain-free wedding day. She really needed website content that showed off her design skills, so I made sure to get great horizontal photos perfectly framed for a header online!

From the bold orange backdrop, to a BTS look at them working, to their favorite drinks, this branding session was one of my favorites to date. The attention to detail is insane in every photo! I loved getting to help Ashley define her brand, increase her social media presence, and put together an awesome website. All of this was made possible by one afternoon of photos – can you believe that?!

Having photo content that is consistently updated allows you to have control over your sales, your vision, and your message. While a wedding coordinator may receive some images back from the wedding photographer, the odds are not very high. Taking control and scheduling a photoshoot just for you will ensure you have high quality images of the exact items you want. You also get to show the process of designing a reception, the role your assistant plays, the hard work that goes into creating a schedule for a wedding day, and coordinating multiple vendors. Consumers are nosy – they want to know what you do and how you do it.

The best way to do that?

Photos 😉

A branding session unlocked Ashley’s business identity and made her accessible to her clients. You can do the same with an impactful and organized branding session. In the next post, I’ll be chatting about the importance of branding photos and some fun ways you can use them! If you’re the nerdy type, I’ll also be including some interesting statistics around businesses that use photos. Can’t wait!!

For now, take a look at some more images from their session, and explore my full branding page here!



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