First looks (and the complete guide to why you need one!) They’re new, they’re different, and no one knows quite if this is going to work for them or how to pull it off. The traditional first look walking down the aisle has a sweetness and tenderness that can’t be denied and it’s totally okay […]

Allllll About Me

Aug 26, 2020

??? ?? ? ?? ??????? ???????????? The answer is simple: I’m a gigantic romantic. I’m a sucker for cute rom coms, love notes, and just love in general. Being in love with my husband has been the greatest adventure of my life and I KNOW other’s get this. That is why wedding photography is so […]

Brianna and Scott were affected by COVID like 99% of the wedding community. But they didn’t let it get them down. In fact, it worked in their favor. Originally planning a courthouse wedding way before Illinois headcounts came down, they wanted a small wedding to begin with. However they threw their original plans to the […]

Let’s be honest, planning a wedding in 2020 is stressful as HECK. That’s why I’m putting together 5 ways to plan your wedding without getting overwhelmed. Venues closing, guest counts changing constantly, the rules for social distancing and beyond are different by the hour. All you 2020 couples out there KNOW just how crazy it’s […]

Introducing another 2021 couple: Katelyn and Dylan!! We were able to have a super fun engagement session at BeeTree Park in St. Louis, MO. These two have a fun wedding planned in Perryville, MO next fall and I’m so ready to celebrate with them. (speaking of fall…. anybody else waiting for it yet? I’m reaching […]

Danielle and Jacob are now one of my 2020 weddings and are some of the kindest, most supportive people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. They gave up a FREE wedding package just to book me for their photos, which I think is one of the highest honors I’ve gotten pretty much ever! Danielle makes […]

THESE TWO. Shane has been my husband’s best friend since they were in kindergarten. We’ve all become good friends and when they got engaged AND asked me to do their photos, I was SO pumped. Like, squeal and cry over the back of my camera pumped. Especially when their engagement photos came out like this. […]

This adorable couple has their wedding date set in 2021 – a date I can’t wait for!! Mackenzie and Brian are so sweet and genuine and their story is so cute. He loves baseball and is an assistant project manager, while she is a kindergarten teacher at a low income school. I instantly connected with […]

I’m obsessed with warm, gentle colors. Being that I’m a photographer, many parts of me are creatively driven and it comes out in home decor too. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be doing some “how-tos” on easy home projects that you can take advantage of while we’re on lockdown! I started out […]

Brad and JoAnn’s wedding was the first wedding I ever photographed back when I was a 17 year old with my little Nikon d3200. As you can imagine, it was a nerve wracking day and I loved them so much I was scared to mess it up. It sparked the love for weddings and couples […]